A downloadable game for Windows

You are THE one who  has been able to find a second reality - Unfortunately, it was not as you hoped.

You have entered a light dimension where it seems every form of live is thriving, but it has trapped you in  a maze that with propose the most painful and harsh traps you can think of. Yeah, you remember the nightmares you had about monkeys? For some reason they are everywhere now, and let me tell you they are NOT friendly.

You also have access to a switch that will allow you to turn off the sun. Yes, that's right THE SUN! Awesome, right? Wrong. When the sun goes out everything goes bad, but sometimes you have to do what is necessary to pass your obstacles.

Use Q And E to flip between dimensions and standard WASD/Space Controls to move. (still wip)

When you die Alt + F4 to close and then re-open to restart

Install instructions

To Play, Unzip the file and run Invert.Exe.


Invert.zip 146 MB

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